Deep Water Background
How about this amazing quote from Tricia McCary Rhodes in her book, Sacred Chaos: Spiritual Disciplines for the Life You Have.
Sometime I think of the hours and days when I have shunned the Lord’s indwelling presence through ignorance or neglect or willful rebellion, and I grieve. But I understand better now that no matter how unsacred the space within me seems to be, God’s desire to make himself at home there far outweighs the waywardness of my heart. He will win. His mercies, new every morning, remind me that though I can never make myself worthy of his presence, I am freely received and fully accepted by the Beloved.
God himself has come to make our souls a haven for holy communion, a place of personal retreat–for rest or rejuvenation or desperately needed restoration–no matter the circumstances that swirl about us. This is both our hope and our destiny, for as Saint Augustine said so well, “The soul is the life of the body, and God is the life of the soul.'”