One must be the best of the best…the men of men…to be described as, “The …” From last night forward, Josh Hamilton has earned the right to be called, “The Josh.”

I’ve watched baseball all my life, and last night’s performance by Josh Hamilton was as good a performance as I’ve seen. 28 HOME RUNS IN ONE ROUND OF THE DERBY? They also averaged 445 feet in length…meaning, these weren’t barely out…these were screaming out of there. Several topped the 500-ft. mark.

Not bad for a guy whose drug problems and injuries landed him on the junk heap of baseball. Now, he’s a Christian, and the best hitter in the game (sorry A-Rod fans). Here’s to the Josh. Praise be to the Lord for rescuing him, as well.

It makes me wonder how many other potential Josh Hamiltons there have been, and how many others with enormous potential are buried under drugs, teen-age pregnancy, etc.

I hope they watched last night.

I hope they find God. Not so it will make them a better hitter, but because He will give them life to the full. Thanks, Josh, for a great night of baseball, and for a great life lesson.