Thanks to ACU Graduate School of Theology blog for posting this video. View it and ask yourself whether or not the church would be more effective if it was more fun. I know some of my anti-attractional, missional, melancholy friends just twitched when they read that. While I'm not fully on the attractional bandwagon, this video might be a more fair representation of what attractionally-minded churches have in mind with some of their methodologies.

Personally, I find the presence of laughter to be a sign of congregational health and its absence stunning and sad. While I don't think church should be a stand-up routine, I have to think that enjoying God's people and God's presence is a good thing. While they shouldn't be cornerstones of the church, laughter and fun certainly shouldn't be out of place in the church. In fact, they should be symptomatic of the joy we have living out the abundant life together.

What do you think? What role does fun have in the Christian life and the church?