Business Odyssey 107Here is Newsweek's 10 Worst Predictions of the Decade. These are really bad.

10. "The IPod will flop"

9. "A Particle Accelerator Could End the World"

8. "The Patriots will win Super Bowl XLII."

7. Bill Gates Doubts Google's potential. 'Let's see if they still want to run the business in two or three years.'— Bill Gates, on Sergey Brin and Larry Page, 2003

6. Graydon Carter proclaims the end of irony.

5. Hank Paulson Miscalls the Recession, saying, "The worst is likely to be behind us now," on May 7, 2008.

4. Tommy Franks on Saddam Hussein's WMD, "There is no doubt."

3. Bill Kristol, "Hillary will Beat Obama."

2. Jim Cramer, "Bear Stearns is Fine."

And the worst prediction of the decade according to Newsweek is…

"Cheney's overconfidence on Iraq."

OK…here's my question:

How does Y2K not make the list? I guess they must have considered it a previous decade's mistake. How about that "can't miss" company named, Enron.

Many of the worst predictions I know of have come from church gurus. In the last decade, some really smart people have predicted the demise of the megachurch…even as they have continued to thrive. Many of those same people have predicted the death of the "attractional" model…but it remains successful throughout the world. To caricature a bit…some have also predicted that by 2025 all church buildings would be shut down and everyone would be simply having spiritual conversations on the golf course or in Starbucks…if there. Others predicted the world itself would end in 2000…and still others have predicted that by 2025, virtually no American between the ages of 16-25 would be a Christian. I know…it's a caricature (though not by much). Here's the point:

God is powerfully working through all sorts of ways– in churches with buildings, megachurches, missional churches, house churches, 200 year-old mainline churches, and every variation in between. 

We've all made some pretty bad predictions…whether it was picking our team to win the big game, or on something far more important. While it isn't wrong to think ahead, we need to remember that this is a big, dynamic world we live in. It's a good thing to think ahead. I try to, and everyone should. But, all of this reminds me of how limited our perspectives are…and how the "wisdom" of humans is still foolishness to God.