Dick Staub’s book, The Culturally Savvy Christian needs to be read by every Christian. Some time back, I quipped that Christians have some thinking to do on the question of what materials/experiences are appropriate for Christians. I’ve often wondered about secessionist Christians who avoid all contact with culture inas much as it’s possible. To me, it is the obligation of all Christians to be culturally savvy.

Staub says that The culturally savvy Christian is serious about faith, savvy about faith and culture, and skilled in relating the two.

Staub sees the church at a crossroads in faith and culture.
He rightly recognizes that the Christian community has “degenerated into an
intellectually and artistically anemic subculture, and the general population
is consuming an unsatisfying blend of mindless, soulless, spiritually
delusional entertainment.”

The Culturally Savvy Christian is a somewhat melancholy, but altogether insightful book that challenges us to not only engage culture, but to participate in the creation of a better culture at the level of music, the arts, film, etc. Staub is not
interested in creating a Christian sub-culture, but in leading culture with
our art, values and creativity. As one who loves both faith and the arts, I found Dick Staub giving voice to thoughts I’ve had for some time.

Here’s the question: should Christians listen to music, watch films, that have questionable content, as a way of listening to the voice of culture, and finding God in unexpected places, or should they shield themselves from things that are ungodly?