Here’s a rundown of what happened over Thanksgiving…and some reflections by day…

Thursday – Woke up and had a nice morning with the kids. We spent the rest of the day at Em’s parent’s house. REFLECTION – Food is a blessing from God…perhaps second to only family…and Em’s creamed corn.

Friday – Sent Em to a hotel for a little R & R, and mommy alone time. I hung out with the kids and had a great time. REFLECTION – Each of my girls has their own personality. Anna is the family braniac…she’ll probably cure cancer. Olivia is the life of the party and our feeler…she’ll win an Oscar someday.

Saturday – I spent half of the day enjoying the kids. Then, we dropped the kids off at Em’s parent’s house for the night and had a great night out. REFLECTION – I love my wife more than ever…and BRIO in Southlake makes some of the best food in Texas.

Sunday – Had the Sunday off from preaching. Went to the Richland Hills Church of Christ and heard David Fraze preach on rejoicing in times of suffering…a job very well done. Hopefully my buddy Rick Atchley was asleep on a beach somewhere. REFLECTION – Looking forward to being back at HOCC, but it was nice to have a Sunday off.

Sunday after worship – Came home. Em and the kids went to a birthday party. I cleaned the house, did some laundry, and chilled with the NFL on CBS. REFLECTION – Hope my fantasy team makes the playoffs…GO BRONCOS!!!!

Sunday night – REFLECTION – Whew!!! ZZZZZZZZZ