Texas Primary

Primaries are weird…especially the Texas primaries. One must cast a vote and then caucus in order for one’s vote to count as much as possible. Weird…

Nevertheless, yesterday, the great state of Texas primaried and caucused into the night. When the dust settled, John McCain and Hillary Clinton emerged as the winners of the popular vote. As of now, they are still adding up the caucus numbers. Emily and I were watching some of the coverage last night and both remarked that we were much more into the political scene this year than in previous years. For us, it has to do with the plot-lines of this thing, and a heightened and genuine interest in who will become president at this pivotal time in world history.

Here’s the question… which race is more interesting to you, and which would you rather see… McCain/Clinton, or McCain/Obama? And, is this year just like any other to you, or do you find yourself more interested this year?

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3 thoughts on “Texas Primary

  1. I am personally thrilled by what is happening right now in American politics. No matter your personal political stripe, one has to admit, and hopefully be encouraged, that we are breaking new ground as Americans. For me, the number one thing to celebrate – Americans who have never participated in the political process before are taking interest and ownership in the future of our country; there is a renewed appreciation for a citizen’s right to vote and a sense that our votes could actually make a difference! This election year has transformed many Americans from apathetic onlookers who felt like thier vote didn’t make an impact, to involved participants who sense our nation at a critical crossroads. This is democracy at its best, and when it is actually believed in the hearts of the citizens and lived out in the political process – well, I think it is pretty exciting, and I look forward to the months ahead of dialogue and debate about the future of “we the people.”