stream of consciousness

Here are some things on my mind this Friday morning:

– O Holy Night is still the greatest Christmas song there is. Don’t even argue.
– I can’t get over what Rob Parker said on ESPN’s First Take yesterday. He essentially said he wonders if Robert Griffin III is black enough because he has a white fiancée and may be a Republican (“is he a Brother or a ‘cornball’ Brother”). Then he says, essentially, “but he has braids. If you have braids, you’re a Brother.” Huh?
– Robert Griffin III is the man.
– I love talking about the implications of the Kingdom of God in the world today. I’m not OK with saying the Kingdom of God is all about improving earth today. Heaven is more than a utopian today someday, on earth.

Youth Minister X

This post is a guest post and latest installment in the Youth Minister X series. In my experience, Youth Ministers lack the voice they should have. Thus, on occasion, I’ll provide this forum as grist for conversation. “Youth Minister Xs” are unnamed but real Youth Ministers who have been invitedContinue Reading