Church Space Does Matter

Rundown church

Many of us wish it weren’t so, but space does matter. The kind of space we create in our church buildings for worship, fellowship, and ministry–as well as the space ministers work in–it all matters. It doesn’t make or break a church. Yes, the Gospel can be preached anywhere. Yes, ministers should be willing to […]

Four Reasons Worship Really Matters (Leadcast)

Worship and Praise

There are many more reasons than these, but here are four reasons Worship Ministry really matters. Click the link below to listen to this LeadCast (7:52), and then leave me your thoughts on this. Four Reasons Worship Ministry Really Matters (Leadcast)

Should Churches Cancel Christmas?

Every few years, Christmas falls on a Sunday. This puts churches in a somewhat awkward place. It’s awkward particularly for those who have Christmas Eve services. Thus, many have decided to cancel Christmas morning services. This year at New Vintage Church, we will celebrate Christ’s birth on both Christmas Eve and Christmas morning. Whenever December […]