How to Get Along with Your Worship Leader

It's not as hard as you think

Certain ministry roles have more conflict between them than others. Senior Pastors and Youth Pastors, Church Administrators and Youth Ministers, for example. There is also sometimes significant tension between the Worship Leader and the one preaching Sunday. This is obviously not the case in every church, but it is in many churches. Truth be told, […]

For Worship Leaders: How to Get Along with Your Preacher

train tracks

Last week, I wrote a post designed to aid my fellow preachers in getting along better with their worship leaders. I did so because I believe that relationship is critical to a church’s well-being. Well, relationships are two-way streets, and there are some things worship leaders can do to help their relationship with their preacher […]

Four Reasons Worship Really Matters (Leadcast)

Worship and Praise

There are many more reasons than these, but here are four reasons Worship Ministry really matters. Click the link below to listen to this LeadCast (7:52), and then leave me your thoughts on this. Four Reasons Worship Ministry Really Matters (Leadcast)