Motivation – The Unsung Virtue, part 2


Here’s another reason motivation matters: The service culture of the staff also often becomes the service culture of the church. Growing churches don’t become such through glitz and glamor. It’s drive. I know that may sound a little Rocky Balboaish, but it’s really true. The staff of growing churches is almost universally committed fully to […]

Motivation – The Unsung Virtue, part 1


There is a noticeable difference between the motivation of leadership in healthy, growing churches and those stagnant or in decline. This is a painful reality, but a reality all the same: some churches thrive because they care more. Their passion is stronger and they simply work harder at ministry. They aren’t as sloppy. They don’t […]

The Throwback – The Power of Just Showing Up

I was inspired by a recent story in the North County Times. It tells the story of Nathan Pedersen–a graduating Senior from Escondido High School. He did something absolutely remarkable in today's world: He showed up.  Every day. From Kindergarten through High School. He didn't miss a single day. Not for illness. Not to go […]