Listen to These People

Not all opinions are created equal

More than perhaps anything else, who we listen to will determine the trajectory of our ministry. If we listen to godly, wise, smart people who have our best interest and that of the Kingdom at heart, it will leaven our lives and ministries. If we listen to other kinds of people, we can expect a world of trouble.

Where Does Wisdom Come From?

We’ve all probably heard it said that wisdom comes from age and experience. Is that true? This has some truth to it. As I’ve gotten a little bit older, I’d like to think I’ve changed a few positions and refined other perspectives. I’ve made more mistakes from which I can learn, and I try not to […]

Where Wisdom Begins

Strong, godly leadership requires many virtues: patience, vision, humility, perseverance, and many more. Try as we might, we never get to the top of the mountain on any of these virtues. Yet, good leaders never stop pursuing them. If God allowed me to choose a virtue He would grant me, I would choose wisdom. Wisdom […]