Sometimes, when one falls under the influence of a particular author or scholar, one comes to see their opinions as indisputable. They become a theological map-maker (cartographer) for us rather than a trail-guide or teacher. When was the last time you took serious issue with a scholar most of yourContinue Reading

It's the time of year when "best of" lists are coming out. Thus here's part one of my "Best Books of 2009" list. I hope this might be helpful to you—as it can be hard to make one's way through the thousands of titles released by publishers (Christian and not)Continue Reading

A Saturday evening prayer courtesy of Walter Brueggemann. To those who preach, let Him rise tomorrow. Do your mysterious, majestic God-ing with our hearts:  reclaim, renew, re-enliven,  that we may leave your presence  transplanted,  transformed,  transposed,  become by your attentiveness whom we have not yet embraced,  open and receptive, honestContinue Reading