Me Stuck with Me

The odd medicine of solitude

I took a vacation. It wasn’t much of one. Only 48 hours or so. I had to take a couple of calls during that time (a pastorcation). But, I took one. Just me. My family is scattered abroad for another several days, and I had planned to spend the time with them. But, they weren’t […]

Friday Stream of Consciousness 119

stream of consciousness

Here’s what’s on my mind this morning: I’ve been on vacation for a bit, hence my lack of regularity in posting. Thanks for your patience. All systems are a go on Monday. I’ve been in New York City recently, and will reaffirm my affection for it publicly. What a great city! It’s bustling and busy […]

Friday Stream of Consciousness – 86

stream of consciousness

Here’s what’s on my mind this Friday morning: The blog has been down for a bit due to a corrupt plug-in update I downloaded. Right now, there is no way for me to get in to uninstall it. So, this ought to be fun. If you are reading this…it’s a miracle. Update: problem solved. Update: […]