Friday Stream of Consciousness – 141

Featuring Musings on Wheaton, College Football, and the Beach Boys

stream of consciousness

Here’s what’s on my mind this morning: I really couldn’t care less about the final four in College Football. I think the best 4 teams are Alabama, Stanford, Ohio State, and Clemson. So, I’ll go ahead and pick Clemson—with the caveat that I don’t think there is a great team in this year’s final four…and […]

God Wins – A Review of Rob Bell’s Love Wins, Part 2 – The Good

This is part two of three posts reviewing Love Wins by Rob Bell. I would encourage you to take time to read yesterday’s post for background. While I find Love Wins to be problematic at a number of levels, there are some critiques Rob Bell raises we should all take stock of. Such as: We […]

God Wins – A Review of Rob Bell’s Love Wins, Part 1

I should say up front that I am a Rob Bell fan. Every now and then a communicator comes along that really alters the craft for the better. Rob Bell is one such communicator. He is creative. He blends humor, interesting facts, and some fresh insights into Scripture. I read Velvet Elvis and Sex God […]