Friday Stream of Consciousness – 19

stream of consciousness

Here are some things I’m thinking about this Friday:  Today my dad has shoulder surgery as my mom recovers from a near-death experience she had yesterday. As a kid, you view your parents as invincible. As an adult, I view my parents as my dearest friends outside of Emily. The thought of them aging is […]

6 Apps Every Pastor Needs

Amidst the flurry of apps and other productivity tools vying for our attention, I have found five indispensable to my ministry. Technically they aren’t indispensable. I was in ministry before the internet even came on the scene and managed to get along somehow 🙂 But, given how I work these days, these five apps play […]

Help Me Help You

It’s been nearly 6 weeks since the new blog went live. Since it’s Labor Day weekend, I thought I’d assess how we’re doing thus far. I would also appreciate your feedback on the blog–look, usability, features, content…whatever. I view the blog as an avenue of service…so I want to make it all it can be for […]