Who Your Church Needs Before What it Needs

get right with god sign

In the last post, I identified some marks your church might be dying. There are lots of steps your church can take to deal with some of those problems., and I’ll talk about those in a forthcoming post. But before any of that, you need to make sure you’re right with God. It’s so easy to […]

Turnaround Churches Revisited

Regular posting will return tomorrow, as I'm participating in the NVC staff retreat. So today, I have reposted an oldie on diagnosis and humility from the Turnaround Churches series: ——————— Step one to a turnaround is to acknowledge there’s a problem…and diagnose it accurately. At one level, all churches have problems. At another, some have […]

Structuring The Church for Health and Growth

Call this a TimSpivey.com rewind. Reprinted from a previous post. Structure is a word that seems, to some, unspiritual on the surface. Perhaps that's why so many churches pay so little attention to it. Church structure is spiritual for several reasons. However, the most important is that it allows for or prohibits the growth of […]