A Simple Exercise To Help Your Church


Every church can learn a lot about the way it does ministry by doing this simple exercise: Take your church calendar and ask, “If someone or a family of four participated in everything our church offers, what would their day planner look like, and how much would it cost financially?” It’s a blunt, but enlightening […]

Friday Stream of Consciousness – 31

stream of consciousness

Here are some things on my mind this Friday morning: I don’t really care if the Heat beat the Celtics as long as they lose to the Thunder. The last thing the NBA needs is the Heat to win the championship. Plus, it’ll really irritate me, as well. Today is the last day of school […]

Is Generosity a Sign of Spiritual Maturity?

two rocks

And now, for our controversial post of the week 🙂 The subject of money is inappropriately taboo in some churches. Preachers feel awkward talking about it, Christians feel awkward listening to it, and often the result is a lack of teaching on this vital aspect of discipleship. Jesus obviously speaks of it often. He says […]