I’ve observed an occasional correlation between those trying to be “missional” and those frustrated with the internal turbulence in their congregation or own soul. Of course, not all churches suddenly trying to be missional have gridlocked leaderships or frustrated ministers–but many do. You can’t tell from what they write inContinue Reading

stream of consciousness

Here are some things on my mind this Friday: Thanks to GoDaddy.com for¬†doing a¬†mediocre job of hosting this humble blog. The blog went down several times this week, right at or after posting, so I’ve spent a fair amount of time on the phone this week, and received nothing butContinue Reading

We focus rightly on spiritual preparation for ministry. Recently, the church has focused new energy on the emotional health of the minister. This too, is a good thing. However, there is another side to ministry that is neglected. It’s the mental side. By “mental side,” I don’t mean theological reflection alone. I mean the part of us that thinks pragmatically. It’s the side of us that learns to operate on someone, not just the part of us that thinks about the nature of the body or building the hospital. The task of ministry is theological/spiritual first, but the implications of our theology will bear themselves out in daily ministry. Spiritually preparing is vital–and part of that preparation is transformation and full devotion of our minds to the task to which God has called us.