Why I Left TypePad for WordPress

I really didn’t want to leave TypePad. Their user interface is simple and easy for a dullard like myself to use. Someone like me can build a fairly complicated blog rather easily, and I was always happy with the SEO features. However, WordPress has them beat on mobile platforms. More and more, technology is going […]

My Involuntary Fast – a Night without (much) Technology

I went on an involuntary fast last night. From technology. Sort of. I still had my cell phone and my television. But, I left my Ipad and computer at the office by accident. Initially, this created a sense of boredom and aimlessness. I don't have an addictive personality, I just enjoy the reading the news, […]

Technology and Ministry – Ipad vs. Kindle

As promised, here is a brief comparison of the Kindle vs. the Ipad for the purposes of ministry.  Advantages of the Kindle over the Ipad: Price. Even the most upscale Kindle (DX) is cheaper than the cheapest IPad. Money makes a difference to ministers. Even if one opts out of the 3G model (I did), […]