New Vintage Church

Churches not paying attention to their websites are missing the forest and the trees when it comes to creating a port of entry for people to discover their church. Because of our unique journey, our church has been an experiment in the impact of social media on new church starts. It’s been a vital part of our strategy from the outset, and perhaps I’ll do a separate post on that sometime. Today’s post is about web sites.

In 2011, Calvin Institute of Worship published a study. Among their findings: “Congregational research by Monk Development found that of people who’d been attending a church for less than a year, 27 percent had found that church online. And 61 percent of that group said the church website had been ‘somewhat to very important’ in their decision to attend the church.” Translation: the web continues to be a growing factor in people’s decisions to check out churches. I heard another study somewhere say more than 40% of people check out a church online in more than one place before visiting the first time. Wow.