How are You Feeling This Morning?


So, how do you feel this Monday morning? Mondays is recovery day for many ministers. In fact, many reading this post are “off” today. I stopped taking Monday off for one simple reason: I had a hard time not thinking about what happened Sunday on Monday. I know some will say I shouldn’t overemphasize Sundays. […]

Should Churches Cancel Christmas?

Every few years, Christmas falls on a Sunday. This puts churches in a somewhat awkward place. It’s awkward particularly for those who have Christmas Eve services. Thus, many have decided to cancel Christmas morning services. This year at New Vintage Church, we will celebrate Christ’s birth on both Christmas Eve and Christmas morning. Whenever December […]

It Was a Weak Sunday

Yesterday was a weak Sunday at North County. It was Valentine's Day, and so you never know how many people will be gone or guests in town for vacation. I knew that because of ministry responsibilities over the weekend both myself and Peter Wilson, our Worship Minister would be a bit sleepy and ground down. […]