A lot of pastors serve God in fear. Fear of pain. Fear of criticism. Fear of failure. We often do so because we’ve had such seasons already—and aren’t particularly fond of their sour taste.

Will that thing, that event, season of ministry… continue to define you negatively or positively? Those seasons impact us in ways that will either shape us into wiser, more mature pastors or shape us into jaded, perhaps timid, or indefinitely damaged pastors—by choice. Those seasons and how we process them matters. What are “those” seasons? You know…


Deep Well

It’s taken me a while to really get this, but I’ve come to learn that part of growing as both a pastor and follower of Jesus is learning how to suffer. I’m not referring to some aimless masochism or developing a steely heart. I’m talking about enduring pain, sometimes even devastating pain, and walking obediently anyways. The hidden gift of great people, and certainly great leaders, is the ability to tolerate pain in themselves and others.

It’s Jesus going on to Jerusalem knowing what awaits Him.

It’s Jesus saying, “if its possible, let this cup pass,” and drinking it anyway.

stream of consciousness

Here’s what’s on my mind this Friday morning: I can tell I’m in a bit of a bad mood this morning. I’m a little run down physically. But, it’s more just a random funk. We all have them now and then. I’m pulling for the Dodgers all the way atContinue Reading