Things that Changed my 2010, part 1 – Books and Resources

The series on leadership and NVC updates will continue this week as well. However, it's also that time of year again…time for the "best of" lists. Here are some of the books and miscellany I enjoyed particularly this year. There are other books read, and other resources implemented, but these were some of my favorites. […]

Sticky Teams, pt. 2 – Respect and Friendship

In his book, Sticky Teams, Larry Osborne suggests three marks of a sticky team: Doctrinal unity, Respect and friendship, Philosophical unity. He nailed it. However, I wonder which of these is most important. I think you could make a really good argument for all three. However, the one that seems to undo churches the most are […]

Sticky Ministry, pt. 1

I so appreciate churches that obey a calling from God to provide other churches with resources to improve their ministry. North Coast, Saddleback, Willow Creek, Fellowship Church and others do so much for the Kingdom by calling together churches for the purposes of sharing ideas and learning together. Ironically, many of these churches take a […]