I’ve observed over the years churches view their facilities in one of two primary ways: as a house or a temple. I’ve led in churches small and large with facilities ranging from cheap and rented to multi-site worth tens of millions of dollars. In each place, regardless of the size or value of the facility, some viewed the facility as a temple and others as a house. How you view your facility will determine to what extent your facility is a blessing or a challenge for you. Let me explain.

Tithing is a beautiful thing. I’m a tither and always have been, other than a brief time from graduate school through the first year or two of ministry. The reason for that period was I didn’t realize that as my income had increased from “grad student extraordinaire (tongue in cheek)Continue Reading

Risk is usually called, “stepping out on faith,” in church. That’s a shame, because they aren’t the same thing. There is such a thing as stepping out on faith. It’s just not the same as taking faith-based risks that make common sense. For instance, “stepping out on faith” might mean a church aspires to a particular goal or vision God has for them that will require stretching and perhaps some risk. There has been a season of spiritual discernment, and such decisions usually take time to make.