The Fastest Way to Ruin Your Staff Team

Mouth on Fire

The fastest way to ruin your staff team is to hire and tolerate people who gossip about or slander others–especially others on the team. Many staff problems stem from careless talk–an inappropriately revealed secret, an unkind word in a small group, a slow air leak of negativity. Occasional “tongue drift” happens–occasions where people say something […]

Can We Control Him?

Several months ago, the leader of a preacher search committee called me regarding a friend who had applied for their pulpit position. After a series of very good questions, he began asking a lot of questions that pertained to control. It seemed the church recently had a minister/elder blowup. The church subsequently circled the wagons […]

Your Church’s Field-Goal Kicker

Does anyone really like the field-goal kicker? Not really. They are viewed as the smallest, softest guy on a football team–who has the easiest job, by FAR. People like that don’t get respect on a football team. They don’t get it at church either. Most churches have a field-goal kicker. You can identify them fairly […]