What Do You Think of Them… Really?

People can sense what we really think of them. That’s one reason what we really think of others matters. In middle-school we can get away with faking it. The older we get the more adept we become at sensing what others think of us, and we tend to respond to that somehow. Some of us […]

Ten Ways to “Pay” Your Leaders

Tribal Church

In his new book, Tribal Church, Steve Stroope offers the following ten ways to “pay” your leaders–whether paid or unpaid. Steve is a brilliant church tactician. I’ve been blessed to receive some mentoring from him through Leadership Network and have admired his ministry at Lake Pointe Church for years–going back to my years in Dallas. […]

Good and Bad Staff Retreats

This morning begins the annual NCCC staff retreat. I've been to a lot of staff retreats, intern retreats, campus ministry retreats, etc., over the years. I can safely say that good ones can lead to huge ministry breakthroughs. However, bad ones can cause dissension, disruption, or a sense that it was a complete waste of […]