The Obedient Pastor

Obedience Precedes Relevance

Most pastors I know have a more up-and-down devotional life than most church members think they do–but a deeper relationship to God than they themselves think they do. What any of us think isn’t the point. The point is that without our earnest pursuit of God’s heart in it’s vast entirety we will live and serve from […]

Make God Glad

Those who follow Christ want nothing more than to please Him. A “Well done!” from Jesus should mean more to us than a thousand “atta boys” or “atta girls” from our peers. Hearing the applause of heaven as a leader is the most fulfilling experience there is. When that happens, we have attained our Goal. […]

Spurgeon on Suffering

I'm struck this morning by Charles Spurgeon's passage on suffering from Morning and Evening: "The path of the Christian is not always bright with sunshine; he has his seasons of darkness and of storm. True, it is written in God’s Word, “Her ways are ways of pleasantness, and all her paths are peace;” and it […]