Me Stuck with Me

The odd medicine of solitude

I took a vacation. It wasn’t much of one. Only 48 hours or so. I had to take a couple of calls during that time (a pastorcation). But, I took one. Just me. My family is scattered abroad for another several days, and I had planned to spend the time with them. But, they weren’t […]

How to Craft A Personal Retreat


One of the questions I’m asked whenever I talk about a personal retreat is, “What do you actually DO there?” Furthermore, some of you who might be interested in this might be wondering the same thing before you walk into your next elder’s meeting and ask for the time off.

You can structure your week/month in a way that fits where you are. For me, I’ve always used it holistically–as a time to pay attention to the personal, spiritual, and “professional” aspects of life. Here’s what it isn’t: