Fish out of water

In honor of Independence Day, this week’s posts will have to do with the concept of freedom in ministry. This post is the second installment. While most ministers do want significant freedom in ministry, some do not. These ministers are typically gifted more as “doers” or “implementors” than leaders. GodContinue Reading

Over the last couple of days I have started church planter assessment and preparation for further training with Kairos Church Planting Support. Part of the preparation is taking assessments of everything from personality to marital health to readiness to plant a church–and of course, spiritual gifts. According to the spiritualContinue Reading

I had a major breakthrough in my journey as a leader about five years ago when I heard Marcus Buckingham talk about the strengths-based leadership. I was a big Natural Church Development methodology fan (and still am)–which focuses primarily on fixing the weakest areas of ministry among core competencies. TheContinue Reading