A Veteran’s Day Video That Will Bless You

Jim Wolf

Meet Jim Wolf. In honor of Veteran’s Day, I’m posting this video I came across as an encouragement to us: War can take a terrible toll on those who serve. Veterans comprise a disproportionate number of those in poverty and afflicted with mental illness.This video is a comeback story–a comeback that happens because someone steps into this man’s life. Enjoy this […]

The Melody of Life

One of my favorite paintings is mural in Long Beach called, “The Melody of Life” by Trace Tres Fukuhara. It’s on the side of the Senior Citizen’s Center on 4th and Orange…where my family and home church have served Thanksgiving Dinner to those in need for the last 34 years. The themes and imagery for […]

Friday Stream of Consciousness – 56 – Black Friday Edition

stream of consciousness

Here are some things on my mind this Friday morning:

•Today is referred to as “Black Friday” by many, and many Christians hate this day because it reeks of materialism and greed. It certainly does for some people, however, shopping when sales are going on doesn’t seems less like greed to me and more like wisdom.
•Having said that, I hate that some people spend Thanksgiving camped out in front of a Best Buy somewhere. That is greedy.
•No sales pitch here–but I do all my shopping on Amazon Prime whenever possible. No lines, best prices, already in a box we can wrap. Love it.
•I’m heading to the USC-Notre Dame game this Saturday. I was expecting it to be USC’s last test before the national championship game. No one foresaw it would be Notre Dame prepping for the national title game and USC making their tee times for the off-season.
•I’m taking Emily (my wife) with me, and it will be her first college football game ever. It’s already a great rivalry, but the Coliseum with College Game Day there…it’s going to be quite a baptism.
•One of my favorite paintings is a mural on the outside of the Long Beach Senior Citizen’s Center, entitled, “The Melody of Life.” It’s a painting that teaches the history of the city, but portrays various cultures at their most fun-loving and peaceful.