It all matters. It may not all matter the same, but it all matters. Facilities, staff, preaching, worship, greeting, women’s ministry, children’s ministry, prayer, small groups, announcements, song selection, finance, leadership development, men’s ministry, communion serving, evangelism, service, missions, counseling, guest relations, and stewardship. It all matters. Some churches believeContinue Reading


… is through small groups.

It’s the primary means by which our church does pastoral care. Many churches strive to maintain a system in which if a person has a need, they go on the church prayer list, perhaps it’s even announced, and then they hope to be visited by someone–usually a pastor/minister. Often, for the sake of discretion, details are left out, and because many present don’t know the person (at least if the church is over about 250 in attendance), the person’s request isn’t taken as seriously and handled very personally. There is a sense that someone else will take care of them. Often this doesn’t happen–or people who don’t know them well do a lesser job because they don’t know the person–and the person knows that. Some dread not knowing someone in the church has a need they didn’t know about. Why? As long as it’s receiving care–who cares. If you are that close to a person–you’ll find out. If you’re not–no need to be nosy 🙂

The truth is, I used to not like small groups very much. As a pastor, I realized I should–because everyone told me I should. I just didn’t. I like people. I like Bible study. I like discussing spiritual things. But, there was something about that stew that tasted funny to me. Whenever I tasted the individual ingredients, I liked them. Whenever they were put together, it was — ehh.

Over time, I’ve become a raving fanatic for small groups–which we call Growth Groups at New Vintage Church. If you are a pastor or Christian who feels like, “I’m just not a small groups person,” Here are four things that change my opinion over time. Notice I said, over time. It’s hard to change one’s opinion on this instantly. The only way I know to do so is to be part of a good one.