Note: I had a post-election post written out. In the end, I decided not to post it. The crux of it was–we all need to obey what the Scripture says about submitting ourselves to earthly rulers and praying for their well-being. We also need to knock of the silliness we exhibit as either sore losers or “ball-spikers.” Neither is beneficial. There. Now for today’s post:

We don’t use the word, “sin,” much any more. Some think that’s good. I myself do not. Sin is a biblical word, and while it’s scope continues to be reduced verbally by many in the pulpit, God loathed it’s effects so much He sent Christ to die for it’s abolition. Far be it from me to pretend there is no such thing. All Christians (especially those who teach) need to have Jesus-centered substance, grammar, and tone speaking of sin. However, we simply must do it. We need to talk about character formation in a way that draws a clear distinctions between the ways of light and darkness.

Low-Grade Fever Baby

Low-grade fever can make you sluggish, distracted, tired, and . Not completely. Just 10-20% more sluggish, distracted, tired, irritable. You notice it’s there, but you don’t take it seriously because you figure popping some Echinacea or a good night’s sleep will take care of it. Sometimes it does.¬†Often it doesn’t.Continue Reading