The 85-Cent Principle

Simple beats cheap almost every time

I recently went to a vending machine to purchase a snack. The Twix bar in slot B-3 was calling my name. It cost eighty-five cents. “Eighty-five cents?” I thought. What an odd price for a vending machine. Usually it’s fifty cents, seventy-five cents, or a dollar. I realized if I bought the Twix I had […]

The Virtue of Not Changing


Some concerned about their church’s well-being also experience frustration with their church’s inability to change. This can indeed be a problem. It could be, though, that it’s a lack of consistency in what should stay the same that is the real issue. While chasing around what the church down the street is doing, a church […]

The Spandex Rule

Just because you can doesn’t mean you should. Just because you should, doesn’t mean you can. Tis the season for resolutions and big hairy audacious goals—for churches as well. This is when we resolve to have 8,000 baptisms by February, raise 2 trillion dollars to fight world hunger and to hasten the Lord’s return with […]