Leadership “lock-in” (a term I first heard from Seth Godin) is a condition in which leadership believes people are “locked in” to their product, church, political party, etc. It’s a common leadership mistake, but a deadly one that befalls most churches in decline. Perhaps they are the only viable option within their denomination or the only church in the city. Perhaps they feel they have the most vibrant preaching or worship around.

So, they get lazy.

They get smug.

They get proud of the job they think they’ve done.

stream of consciousness

Here are some things on my mind this Friday morning: The Super Bowl has taken on the role of national holiday. Some churches are quite freaked out by the Super Bowl’s mushrooming prominence. What’s the church’s response to this? Let’s think like missionaries. We should embrace it in an appropriateContinue Reading

approval of others

One enemy of things creative, relevant, and breakthrough is they often come from those considered not to be “real” or “serious” at this or that.

Seth Godin writes:

“As in, ‘that’s not a real football team, they don’t play in Division 1’ or ‘That stock isn’t traded on a real exchange’ or ‘Your degree isn’t from a real school.’

Real contains all sorts of normative assumptions and implicit criticisms for those that don’t qualify. Real is just one way to reject the weird.

My problem with the search for the badge of real is that it trades your goals and your happiness for someone else’s.'”

This is true in the church world. “He’s not a ‘serious’ scholar.” “That’s not ‘real’ growth.” “She’s not a ‘serious’ minister.” “That’s not a ‘real’ worship song.” Real schmeal.