Leadership cultivation is vital to the long-term health and growth of any church. Let’s define it: leadership development is having and executing some process for cultivating and growing gifts of leadership for the equipping of the Body for ministry. Most churches value the ” involvement ” of the Body. However,Continue Reading

Recently, it seems en vogue to diminish the role of the Sunday assembly in the name of supposedly more Kingdom-oriented things. If you’ll allow me to caricature a bit–some churches see themselves as revolutionary by canceling Sunday services and heading out into their communities to serve–where the church will actuallyContinue Reading

It’s far too easy to spend valuable years of ministry serving “them” rather than God. Who is that? Who are they? “They” are the powers that be whose approval you feel you need. “They” may be a tradition you are tempted to love more than your calling…at least at times.Continue Reading