Stop Stressing

It's Easier than You Think


Stress is often misunderstood as something that derives simply from “work.” If someone complains about being stressed out, we might tell them to obey the Sabbath more faithfully and to take some time off to unwind. Those are both good suggestions. Nevertheless, we may be confused as to what actually winds us up so tightly […]

The Importance of Bench Depth in Ministry


One way churches leave themselves vulnerable in ministry is neglecting “bench depth” development. Bench depth in ministry is similar to that in sports–have more than one player who can play any position. The same principle applies to plans: have a plan (three or four deep) in case something goes wrong. What would your church do, […]

“Kill the Goose” – 10 Biggest Small Mistakes Churches Make

As Aesop once wrote: A man and his wife owned a very special goose. Every day the goose would lay a golden egg, which made the couple very rich. “Just think,” said the man’s wife, “If we could have all the golden eggs that are inside the goose, we could be richer much faster.” “You’re […]