For those who preach, Sunday is the greatest of all days. I absolutely love Sundays. Despite my love for them, Sundays take an enormous amount of energy. When I began preaching, I dramatically underestimated its physical dimension. All of my energy went into preparing my soul and the sermon through studyContinue Reading

stream of consciousness

Here are some things I’m thinking about this Friday: Google+ seems headed toward a boomerang effect after it’s meteoric rise. My own take: it doesn’t integrate well with where people spend most of their social time– Twitter and Facebook. They would have been better off taking the customer-based approach ofContinue Reading

Before you preach a particular series, and even a particular sermon, ask yourself, “Do I care about this?” If the answer is, “no,” keep preparing, or head another direction for the time being if you can (though not forever). Obviously, there are times when one must preach regardless of one’sContinue Reading