How to Plan Your Sermons a Year in Advance

Have a Process

I’ve extolled the virtues of advanced message series planning for years on this blog, but I realized I’ve never really described the process in detail. So, here it is. This is only my process, but I’m sure there are better ones out there. However, it’s worked for me for years. Here’s my step by step guide to planning out sermons over a year.

Get it Out of Your Head!

People who create ideas and are able to act on them effectively don’t store them in their head. The single greatest contribution of David Allen’s GTD productivity system was the admonition and mechanism to stop managing my thoughts, tasks, and schedule in my head. I was relatively unaware that I was doing such. I also […]

Crafting a Sermon Series, part 2

How can a preacher feed the church a balanced spiritual diet over time? How does one plan sermon series in well in advance? This LeadCast is the second installment in the “Crafting a Sermon Series” lineup. This podcast focuses on the actual process of mapping out a series through long-range sermon planning and the concept […]