Don’t Be “Real” or “Serious”

approval of others

One enemy of things creative, relevant, and breakthrough is they often come from those considered not to be “real” or “serious” at this or that.

Seth Godin writes:

“As in, ‘that’s not a real football team, they don’t play in Division 1’ or ‘That stock isn’t traded on a real exchange’ or ‘Your degree isn’t from a real school.’

Real contains all sorts of normative assumptions and implicit criticisms for those that don’t qualify. Real is just one way to reject the weird.

My problem with the search for the badge of real is that it trades your goals and your happiness for someone else’s.'”

This is true in the church world. “He’s not a ‘serious’ scholar.” “That’s not ‘real’ growth.” “She’s not a ‘serious’ minister.” “That’s not a ‘real’ worship song.” Real schmeal.

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