When People Speak Ill of You

That some will speak ill of you is one of life’s contants. It can come in several forms, but every human being will experience it. I’ve found many of those who consistently aim negativity toward others to be perennial offenders. This is to say, the same people cultivate much of the world’s negativity. Every now […]

Living Between the Rails

train tracks

I heard Rick Warren say in an informal gathering one time life is usually not all bad or all good. It’s usually a mix of both. True. He then went on to say in his experience life ran like a train turning on two rails–leaning to one side or the other. Straightaways when everything is in perfect balance does happen, but it’s rare. Most of the time, one side or the other is under pressure. When things are good at home, ministry often leans tough. You go through a season of discouragement, the church goes through a plateau or decline, a key staff member leaves. Conversely, when ministry is good, home life sometimes gets tough. You can feel it pressure the track as someone falls ill, your marriage goes under pressure, money tightens up, or a child rebels.

They Aren’t Totally Wrong

Or are they? Who is that theologian or church leader you almost never agree with? Rob Bell, Brian McLaren, Mark Driscoll, Rick Warren, John Piper, or your own preacher? Assuming someone is universally wrong typically opens an enormous intellectual blind spot. Some people are almost universally wrong. Not many. The meta-message of that scholar or […]