The Saddest Statistic in Christianity


In my doctoral research on spiritual formation of generosity in people, I discovered some (though not enormous) correlation between experience with church financial fraud and giving patterns of Christians. People who had been in a church with financial scandals tended to decrease giving going forward to churches with minimal internal controls, transparency, and financial soundness […]

Christianity and Science

I’m doing some reading in the field of apologetics right now. So, I’m reading some of the new atheists and some of the new apologists. Here’s one of my conclusions: I have a love/hate relationship with science. First, the love. Science allows us to innovate, to create, to take giant steps forward. It helps us […]

Don’t Know Much About Religion

A recent New York Times article reported the results of a Pew Religious Forum study on the religious understanding of Americans. The NYT reports: "Researchers from the independent Pew Forum on Religion and Public Life phoned more than 3,400 Americans and asked them 32 questions about the Bible, Christianity and other world religions, famous religious figures and […]