Yesterday, I was away from New Vintage Church preaching as a guest at another church. Guess what? I missed our church. I always do. I miss seeing people I love and finding out what’s going on in their lives. I miss praying for them, and experiencing a taste of what God is doing in our church. Of course, there is something wonderful about the view of the breadth of His Kingdom God gives you when you’re away. But, there’s no place like home.

However, it hasn’t always been that way.

stream of consciousness

Well, the original draft of this humble post fell victim to a computer glitch, so, here is something like it this morning: Here are some things on my mind this Friday (Monday) morning: I think Nick Saban is leaving Alabama after this season. He’ll either end up at Texas orContinue Reading

Hope light in darkness

Though I’ve read them all many times, I’m still filled with anticipation whenever I read through my Bible and hear any biblical writer (especially Jesus) say, “The Kingdom of God is Like…” I find that phrase unusually exhilarating and I know whatever follows is likely to be crucial Gospel thatContinue Reading