Improve Your Preaching by Deepening the Well

Deep Well

If you want your preaching to get better with time, it certainly takes work. However, it also takes a deeper well. Experience is just one facilitator of a deepening the well. Our well deepens when God digs it deeper through whatever means He chooses. It might be experience. It might be personal tragedy, relational connection with your church, or the removing of sin from one’s own life. It may simply be a work ethic at study that God honors with a deeper well.

Things We Think Matter But Really Don’t – How the Preacher Dresses

At a pivotal moment in an interview for the preaching ministry at a church, the search team turned to me and said: “I think we would all be interested to know how you would dress, should you become the preacher at _______.” As I looked around the table, it became ¬†obvious the group wasn’t of […]

Can We Control Him?

Several months ago, the leader of a preacher search committee called me regarding a friend who had applied for their pulpit position. After a series of very good questions, he began asking a lot of questions that pertained to control. It seemed the church recently had a minister/elder blowup. The church subsequently circled the wagons […]