When Should Our Church Start Another Service?

How do we know when our church should start another service? There are a few schools of thought on this question. One says, “when the first service doesn’t have any more room.” Here the rationale is: energy wins above all. The bigger the gathering, the more energy is present—and that is a good thing. Another […]

Four Reasons Worship Really Matters (Leadcast)

Worship and Praise

There are many more reasons than these, but here are four reasons Worship Ministry really matters. Click the link below to listen to this LeadCast (7:52), and then leave me your thoughts on this. Four Reasons Worship Ministry Really Matters (Leadcast)

While I’m Sick, I’m Thinking…

Instead of learning a lot at Catalyst West this week like I'd hoped to be doing, I'm at home with some sort of cold/flu thing…a ball of congestion and scratchiness. However… That gives me a chance to ponder some things. Here's what I'm thinking about on this cloudy, but adequate Southern California day: Doctrine is […]