Friday Stream of Consciousness – 102

stream of consciousness

Here are some things on my mind this Friday morning:

•Rest in peace, Nelson Mandela. If you are interested in getting to know Mandela while gleaning fine leadership lessons from him at the same time, allow me to heartily recommend Richard Stengel’s, Mandela’s Way: Lessons on Life, Love and Courage. Mandela himself wrote the preface, and Stengel had uncommon access to Mandela. It’s an outstanding read.
•Here are some pearls I liked…among many…
•In the face of intimidation by prison guards, Mandela was known to stand his ground or even fight back verbally. He admitted to being terrified even as he did so, saying, “I can pretend to be brave.” Stengel writes of Mandela’s view of courage, “Pretend to be brave and you not only become brave, you are brave.”
•Stengel writes, “Yes, as a young man he often tried to create a stir, but the idea for him now is that it is better to be a little dull and trustworthy than fiery and unclear.”

Friday Stream of Consciousness – 100

stream of consciousness

Here are some things on my mind this Friday:

•Happy 100th weekaversary to this feature of New Vintage Leadership. This weekly column has actually been going longer than this, and ran for quite a while under different names for years before I made it a weekly feature.
•I started doing it for three reasons: 1) Fridays are good for lighter stuff. 2) I felt it proper to “let my guard down” some rather than just shooting off mini-manifestos. That gets old unless your N.T. Wright or something. I’m not. I’m a preacher who loves Jesus and His people. I love theology. I’m also a person who loves food, sports, and lots of coffee. 3) I needed a place to “park” thoughts I had that didn’t deserve an entire post. These are thoughts I haven’t processed all the way. I’m just starting to think about them. Deep thoughts…like… 🙂

Ending Cohabitation with Jesus

Deep Water Background

Though following Christ is a lifelong journey, it’s important that people make a decision, for Christ, for life. We instituted baptism Sundays at New Vintage Church roughly a year ago. About five times a year, we set aside a Sunday to baptize people and to focus on evangelism and re-commitment to Christ. This of course […]