As I watched our recent political season unfold, I watched numerous interviews, at least large portions of each debate, and read a lot of coverage on things. Some of the answers candidates gave in no way addressed the question at hand and sometimes violated the truth. However, the ones that eroded my confidence quickest were those given when it was obvious they didn’t have a good answer–but answered anyway. They were trying to provide enough smoke and mirrors to make it appear they knew the answer.

I would vote for an honest answerer over the person who felt they had to have them all. Anyone who is actually much of thinker has plenty of questions to which they are still working on the answers. Anyone who has an answer for everything is either substituting talking for real answers, isn’t deep enough to have questions, or arrogant enough to believe they know it all.


I’ve been asked that question numerous times over the past few months. Here’s a brief response:

For whoever’s policies and values you think are most consistent with God’s Kingdom. That’s sometimes hard to tell–but not usually. If you’re going to vote, don’t waste it protecting your agenda. Don’t waste it trying to create the society your flesh thinks ought to be. Seek God’s will on earth as it is in heaven.

A vote is an important thing. However: voting is not the most important thing you can do. Following Jesus faithfully and leading in your church faithfully is the most important thing you can do to influence society.

Shame on Apple. It’s rare that I get this fired up about something like this. However, this one did it. Over Thanksgiving weekend, Apple quietly pulled the Manhattan Declaration app off the market in the Apple Store after pro-choice and pro-gay marriage advocates protested the app was "anti-gay" and "anti-woman."Continue Reading