What Do You Think of Them… Really?

People can sense what we really think of them. That’s one reason what we really think of others matters. In middle-school we can get away with faking it. The older we get the more adept we become at sensing what others think of us, and we tend to respond to that somehow. Some of us […]

The 10 Biggest Small Mistakes Churches Make – “Let the Unicorn Go”

Thanks to Zach Blaisdell for posing this question: "What about churches that can find the right candidate but don't want to spend the money?" This installment of this blog series talks about letting a relatively small amount of money cause a church to pass on a quality ministerial candidate. This is obviously a delicate subject…but […]

Sticky Teams, part 1

I was first exposed to Larry Osborne and North Coast Church in Vista, California when I attended a conference on multi-site churches sponsored by Leadership Network a few years ago. The conference was outstanding and Highland Oaks used some of the knowledge gleaned at that conference to conceptualize and launch what eventually became the Plano […]