Happy New Year to everyone. It’s January 1, and that means it’s resolution time! Sociological bean-counters report that now barely one in three of us continue to make the traditional New Year’s Resolution. Our resolutions seem always to tend towards pushing the limits of our abilities, testing the strength of our self-denial. No wonder resolution-making […]


I've been preaching through Philippians for the last couple of months. One of the things it's reminded me of is the importance and beauty of resilience. Resilience is a testimony to God's power at work in a person's life. Resilience is different than perserverance to me. Perseverance brings connotations of sucking it up and finishing […]

Armillaria Ostoyae

Armillaria Ostoyae grows in the Malheur National Forest in eastern Oregon. It is pictured to the left, and known a bit better as the honey mushroom. Based on its diminutive appearance and lack of notoriety, one could hardly know it is the world's largest living organism. That's right. THE LARGEST. It's hard to tell from […]