Did You Feel That?

It’s important we check the softness of our hearts now and then. It’s good to be tough, to not get overwhelmed by things when chaos breaks out–or to make matters worse by freaking out along with everyone else. However… What’s even worse is to be a leader who can’t feel pain. When someone in the […]

The Crucible of Leadership

“You can exercise and sustain personal leadership only to the extent of your capacity to bear pain. If you can bear only your own pain, then you can’t really lead. If you can respond to and bear only the pain of your family, then your family represents the full scope of your leadership potential. If, […]

Tragedy – Reflections on the Passing of Chelsea King and Amber DuBois

This has been a painful couple of weeks for Escondido, California, in North County San Diego. We live in Escondido, and North County Church of Christ (where we serve in ministry) is also Escondido. Last week, the body of 17-year-old Chelsea King (on the right) was discovered near Lake Hodges. Yesterday, the remains of 14-year-old […]